The Open Recognition is supporting and involved in a number of projects, in particular:

MIRVA (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable), a study of the conditions of an Informal Recognition environment through the exploration of:

  • The potential benefits of Open Endorsement as proposed by the Open Badge 2.0 specification;
  • The conditions (technical, educational, political, etc.) for the successful implementation of Open Endorsement;
  • The services that could emerge from the information generated through Open Endorsement;
  • The mitigation of the risks of poor endorsements practices (e.g. LinkedIn!);
  • The conditions for creation of an effective continuum between informal and formal recognition.

Badgeons la Normandie (Let’s badge Normandy!) a project led by the agricultural technical and higher education establishments and the farming profession to explore the potential of Open Badges to build with their partners an ecosystem facilitating the recognition of people and skills in the context of lifelong and lifewide learning