Building together a learning & recognition society

The Open Recognition Alliance is moving into 2020 building a dynamic network of volunteer advocates and ambassadors distributed across countries and regions. Their role: sharing the potential of Open Recognition and Open Badges to create a more open and inclusive society.

Signatory Member Advocate Ambassador

Why apply?

You want to declare your support for the values and ideas of Open Recognition
You are or want to be actively supporting the Open Recognition community projects and initiatives, contribute to and learn from them
You are a Member actively promoting Open Recognition, its values, ideas, initiatives and projects in your community
Leader or public figure in your domain, you want to represent the Open Recognition community in a specific region, country, domain and/or sector

Who can apply?

Anybody can apply
Members of one of the affiliated organisations and networks and contributors to the Open Recognition Open Collective
Members can apply
Any leader or public figure in her/his own domain

Application criteria

Signature of the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration
Evidence of membership or contribution to Open Collective
Evidence of past and current promotion of Open Recognition, plans for the future
Personal credentials, plans to support Open Recognition

Selection Process

Application review (invitation after contributing to Open Collective)
Application review (also by invitation)
Application review (also by invitation)

Expiry / Renewal

No expiry
12 months Renewal with membership
12 months Renewal with membership
12 months Renewal with membership

National Open Recognition Alliance collectives

Reconnaître - Open Recognition Alliance

Open Recognition Belgium

Open Recognition Netherlands

Regional Open Recognition Alliance collectives

Create a national open recognition collective

The Open Recognition Alliance includes, within its network, organisations and collectives that work, on their territory, for the recognition of the talents, skills and aspirations of individuals and communities. You can choose to get involved and participate, individually or as part of your structure, by getting closer to these members. If there is not yet a collective on your territory, we invite you to get in touch with us to define the modalities for the creation of a national branch of the Open Recognition Alliance.

Initiate an open recognition project

Open Recognition Alliance can accompany you in the construction of your project or put you in contact with actors already involved in your territory. Contact us for more information!

Contact the Open Recognition Alliance

Support the Open Recognition Alliance

The Open Recognition movement is a community of actors and project leaders working together to build an open and learning society, based on the recognition of the talents, skills and aspirations of individuals, communities and territories.

By becoming a member or donor of the Open Recognition Alliance, you contribute to the existence of this movement and to the opening of our society towards more recognition. Contributing or making a donation also means supporting the projects carried or accompanied by the association, allowing the development of the offer of goods and services to the community.

Open Recognition Alliance

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