Heleen (25) is a front-end developer and autodidact

If you want to understand what Heleen exactly does, you first need to understand the following: “A front-end developer is someone who programs the front of a website in a special computer language,” explains Heleen. “That’s what the site looks like for users.” When she was 11 she got her […]

Trust (recognition) can heal!

A teenager had spent many months in a young peoples psychiatric hospital. When he was about to leave a therapist asked him what was the most significant thing which helped him in his recovery. He responded that it was the moment when in and art group the therapist asked him […]

Incomplete recognition of people’s talents

Here’s a short piece on another European data set. This time it is data from the European Skills and Jobs Survey (ESJS). This week I’ve been at Open Belgium presenting our European project entitled MIRVA (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable). The project is looking into new ways to recognise […]