Why is FiBS Research involved in the MIRVA project?

A short blog response from MIRVA partner, Dominic Orr (FiBS) FiBS Research has been investigating how further education works, who participates in further education and the impact of further education on the economy and our societies since its inception 25 years ago. One clear conclusion is that a central problem […]

What is MIRVA for Cineca?

MIRVA for Cineca: a chance to imagine how to enable recognition (with technology) by Chiara Carlino, MIRVA’s project manager for Cineca Cineca is a consortium of 66 Italian university and its mission is centered around providing technology to universities: technology for research (high performance computing), technology for administrative processes, technology for […]

Sustainable integration of status holders

At the Validation Festival in Brussels on Unlocking Talents MIRVA member Gear Up co-moderated a workshop together with the Dutch Council for Refugees on the sustainable integration of status holders. Background On validation there are specific arrangements/projects going on around the Member States that are targeted at migrants and/or refugees. Although […]

Heleen (25) is a front-end developer and autodidact

If you want to understand what Heleen exactly does, you first need to understand the following: “A front-end developer is someone who programs the front of a website in a special computer language,” explains Heleen. “That’s what the site looks like for users.” When she was 11 she got her […]