Join us at ePIC 2020– Lille 26-28 October 2020. It will be the 18th International Conference on Recognition, Trust, Identity and their technologies—Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks, Blockchains, etc.—and this year’s theme is: Open Education – Open Badges – Open Recognition The missing link to employment, social inclusion & empowerment?

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Open recognition!

Badges are about connecting people to opportunity

“Badges are about connecting people to opportunity. It’s that simple”. Taking this lightbulb moment of David Leaser from IBM (an early adopter of open badges) in mind, we can use this great sentence also in relation to the last ePIC in Lille and use it as a guiding thread to […]

Open Hiring

Often diploma’s are the gatekeepers to work. But what if this is not the case? What if someone is hired solely on his abilities and motivation? In its maybe purest form that is what opening recognition is about: replace scrutiny with trust. Open Hiring™ is an example of how this […]

Understanding and designing Recognition Technologies

“What features should we look for when we are selecting a recognition technology? Are there specific warnings or highlights that should be taken into consideration?” These issues have been addressed during MIRVA workshop at ePic conference in October 2019, as sharing progress development and gathering expert feedback on  Recognition Guidelines […]

Is our tool right ?

Claire Héber-Suffin – founder of RERSPresident of Honor of Open Recognition Alliance Is our tool right? Are recognition badges just tools? Is the process they induce a fair tool? The right tool, according to Ivan Read more…

How to recognise skills in social and professional communities?

“How to recognise skills in social and professional communities?” This was the subject discussed during the MIRVA workshop at Promised Land event in Milan last June. Competencies are a treasure growing on a territory and feeding its future, but they often remain unseen. MIRVA project partners shared the ongoing work […]

Milan, 21 June: MIRVA Workshop on Recognition of Skills

On June 21st, MIRVA project will join Promised Land, an event organized by Milan Municipality, with a workshop on skills recognition. The questions the workshop will address are: How can we make visible all the skills people develop in social and professional communities? How can we bridge formal and informal recognition? How […]