Join us at ePIC 2019– Lille 16-18 October 2019. It will be the 17th International Conference on Recognition, Trust, Identity and their technologies—Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks, Blockchains, etc.—and this year’s theme is Building Open Recognition Ecosystems. ePIC will be the central event during the Open Recognition Week, during which we will explore the means for the creation of a world-wide open recognition network.

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Open recognition!

Milan, 21 June: MIRVA Workshop on Recognition of Skills

On June 21st, MIRVA project will join Promised Land, an event organized by Milan Municipality, with a workshop on skills recognition. The questions the workshop will address are: How can we make visible all the skills people develop in social and professional communities? How can we bridge formal and informal recognition? How […]

My quest for recognition

A personal story from Patrice Petitqueux about why he turned towards Open Recognition. I belong to this category of people whose career and educational path is rather atypical and far from a straight line! I belong to this category of people who like to construct themselves through experiences and encounters […]

Why do we believe in Open Recognition and Open Badges?

Why do we believe in Open Recognition and Open Badges? A spot on answer to this question was given by no one else then Mehdi Gharsallah, Digital Strategy Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France. In his presentation on day 3 of the ePIC 2018 last […]