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The Open Recognition Alliance brings together individual and collective actors – all around the world – who want to build an open and learning society, based on the recognition of the talents, skills and aspirations of individuals, communities and territories.

“The knowledge society that is taking off, as we have said, will also have to be a society of recognition” François Taddei

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Building further on Open Recognition

Hello Open Recognition community! We are very pleased to share with you the final newsletter of our MIRVA project. MIRVA, an Open Recognition Alliance project funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, has completed a 3 year period of research and development. MIRVA has defined […]

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MIRVA framework and guidelines available

MIRVA framework and guidelines available The MIRVA project about Open Recognition is done! This 3 year ErasmusPlus project resulted in a framework and guidelines to help you and other stakeholders Make Informal Recognition Visible & Actionable. Please find an overview of all great work below. Overview guidelines How to start […]

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Preparing for the future with Badge Cuisine

Over the past five months, the arrival of the coronavirus has changed almost overnight our way of living together, our appreciation of what is important in life, and our expectations for the future. Whether these are lasting changes or whether a vaccine or drug has been found that will cause […]

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Let’s start cooking open badges!

What will learning look like in the future? Therefore the MIRVA partners organise an online event on July 7th where you discover how new technologies like open badges can help to support the ‘informal recognition of informal learning’.  This is done with the use of personas in the area of […]

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Badges are about connecting people to opportunity

“Badges are about connecting people to opportunity. It’s that simple”. Taking this lightbulb moment of David Leaser from IBM (an early adopter of open badges) in mind, we can use this great sentence also in relation to the last ePIC in Lille and use it as a guiding thread to […]

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Open Hiring

Often diploma’s are the gatekeepers to work. But what if this is not the case? What if someone is hired solely on his abilities and motivation? In its maybe purest form that is what opening recognition is about: replace scrutiny with trust. Open Hiring™ is an example of how this […]

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All about Open Badges!

Not yet informed or up to date on the Open Badges? Open Recognition Alliance has created for you a website dedicated to this topic : ! Follow The Little White Badge and start your initiatory journey to the world of open recognition!

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