The Open Recognition Alliance organises bi-weekly open conference calls:

Next Calls

Badge Wiki January 10
ORA Call January 31— 21C Badging Design Challenge – Education Design Lab with Don Fraser

Previous Calls


  • ORA Call January 17Designing an Open Recognition Framework, Serge Ravet Open Recognition Alliance


  • Badge Wiki 13 December—working on the badge wiki
  • ORA Call December 06Open Recognition Alliance: what have we achieved in 2017? What programme for 2018? Community discussion.
  • ORA Call November 08Highlights from ePIC 2017, community discussion.
  • Badge Wiki 1 November—working on the badge wiki.
  • ORA Call October 11Presentation of Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable (MIRVA), Serge Ravet, Open Recognition Alliance.
  • ORA Call October 04— Sending the Right Signals with Open Badges, a Medical Assistant technical and soft skills program, Kate Radionoff, Dean, School of Professional and Continuing Education.
    Madison College, Wisconsin.
  • ORA Call September 27Opening up Education: A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions, Dr Andreia Inamorato dos Santos, DG Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission.
  • ORA Call September 13ESCObadges: badging skills via API, Bert Jehoul Open Knowledge, Belgium
  • ORA Call August 30Recognizing Real VALUE with STLR Badges,Jeff King, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Badge Wiki 23 August—working on the badge wiki.
  • ORA Call August 16Endorsements: Secret Sauce for Open Badges? Nate Otto, Concentric Sky.
  • ORA Call August 02Two years of Bestr: how Open Badges are growing in Italy, Chiara Carlino, Federico Giacanelli, Matteo Bertazzo, CINECA.
  • Badge Wiki 26 July—working on the badge wiki.
  • ORA Call July 19IBM Open Badges: Attracting and Developing Talent for a Global Workforce, David Leaser, IBM Senior Program Executive and Marjolein van Eck, IBM Talent Solutions & People Analytics.
  • ORA Call July 05Open Badges across the Humanitarian Sector, Don Presant, Learning Agents (Humanitarian Leadership Academy).
  • ORA Call June 21Credential Engine: Bringing Transparency to all Credentials in the Marketplace, Bob Sheets, Jeanne Kitchens, Credential Engine.
  • ORA Call June 07Open Badges for Social Service Workers, Rob Stewart, Scottish Social Services Council.
  • ORA Call May 24Open Badges for HR training professionals, Olga Manzano, the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI).
  • ORA Call May 10Keeping Open Badges as an open community.
  • ORA Call April 26Badgeons la Normandie, Philippe Petitqueux, Délégué au numérique à la Direction Régionale de l’Alimentation de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt de Normandie
  • ORA Call April 12Exploring the Open Badge Challenges, community
  • ORA Call March 29Open Recognition, Open Endorsement & Open Badges, community.
  • ORA Call March 15— Open Badge Summit Recap and update on the badge validator service, Nate Otto, Concentric Sky.
  • ORA Call March 01Feedback on the British Columbia Open Badges Forum, Don Presant, Learning Agents, Feedback on the IMS Open Badges Summit, Nate Otto, Concentric Sky, Discussion on Open Recognition Day, Serge Ravet, Open Recognition Alliance.
  • ORA Call February 15Open Badges Verification 2.0, Nate Otto, Concentric Sky & Principal Author, Open Badges 2.0.
  • ORA Call February 01What we mean by Open Recognition, community discussion.
  • ORA Call January 18What are the main challenges (and opportunities) ahead of us to make Open Recognition a reality? Community discussion.
  • ORA Call January 04Why do we need an Open Recognition Alliance? How to make it a reality? Community discussion.