The Open Recognition Alliance organises bi-weekly open conference calls:

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You are also welcome to contribute to the work on the design of an Open Recognition Framework and Open Recognition Use Cases.

Latest News

Open recognition!

Publication of an Informal Recognition Framework

“In what follows, the magical or tribal or collectivist society will also be called the closed society, and the society in which individuals are confronted with personal decisions, the open society.” -Karl Poper, The Open Society and its Enemies. Open Badges have demonstrated their impact on the life of individuals...


Open Badge Challenges

Seven years ago, 10 challenges were issued to the international ePortfolio community at the 2010 ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC). These challenges outlined a future vision to make ePortfolio technology and practice more open, flexible Read more…


Call for an Open Recognition Alliance

In October 2016, a group of educational visionaries met in Bologna and launched the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration (bord), calling for the creation of an Open Architecture for the recognition of all forms of learning. Read more…